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this is going to take a while. >> these are the crews working on this big hole left behind by the ruptured water main. this is what it looked like after the pipe burst. i'm told it was attached to the pipe that failed. which led to a leak and a geyser. it's a main line with water running through it. >> it's like a freeway. so they're able to shut off
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valves. >> now there is also no interruptions to water service at any time during this incident now, we're back live. you can see cruise managed to pump out water inside of the hole the hole in the street made by the ruptured pipe. pumps have been brought in. we're told at this point it could be 10-12 more hours before they can fix this pipe and reopen streets >> st. isabella school closed for the day. the parkway remained open to traffic but the school had to close. and 11 homes were without water
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>> a wild pursuit shut down the bay bridge before coming to an end you can see from sky seven, that chase stretched across the bay bridge. an officer tackled the jonathan? >> the chase spanned 40 miles of freeway. chp managed to bring it to an end. officers showed how those worked and why with these tires the truck didn't spin out of control. officers deployed spike strips they're not like nails, they're
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hollow spikes. you can sfee the tire gave up. >> all part of a successful plan to arrest the driver. it ended in a chase around 8:30 in the morning. >> this started with a 911 call from the owner of the company and vehicle saying the vehicle had just been stolen. he cited a disgrunteled employee. >> the former employee last weeked for castle trucking four years ago. apply owing get a job back in november but turned down. he put it in drive and got on the freeway. >> not many pursuits involve trucks of this size it's unusual because of that. >> loaded with cargo and weighing in at 26,000 pounds, the truck stayed at speed limit.
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officers chased him. >> looks like you'll be charged with a stolen vehicle. >> it took another hour to move the truck and reopen in san francisco, abc7 news. >> another crash caused a back up this morning. sky 7 hd is over the scene as well. the cause of the accident is still unknown. >> police have not released an identity of an elderly woman struck ask killed in a fremont intersection that
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6:00 this evening. >> the 4-year-old fremont girl is in critical condition with life threatening injuries after her mother's car run into another this morning. police believe the mother had been drinking as she veered into osgood road the woman is in stable condition. >> heavenly employees spotted a young, injured bear this morning the bear wandering around and laid down next to a small building. then loaded to bring it down the mountain the bear taken to wildlife kashg he had cuts on his shoulder and sore paws but vet not sure how he got injured.
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the bear only weighs 49 pounds. a neighborhood is starting to get results from home security cameras. take a look. this camera got a glimpse of the get away car there. just last week police held a work shop on the use of home security cameras. police plan to hold more work shops on the use of security cameras >> fire crews spent the day putting out a garage fire. the fire break out in an attic and spread inside of the main house. crews called in a team because several cans of gasoline were leaking. those cans did not end up causing additional damage. one resident was trans ported to
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the hospital. and i >> mayor chuck reed says the city was able to set aside money last year. a source close to facebook chief operating officer says the report she plans to run for senate is untrue. that report publish hadded this morning in the "daily mail" claiming sandberg would likely challenge senator boxer. she started her career in the treasury department. she suggested politics might not be for her. >> there is more ahead including the crisis on ukraine. how it is affecting jobs and businesses here in the bay area >> hackers attack a popular
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social network the demand and company response [dad] [lau [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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>> the city of martinez is mourning a tragic loss tonight a popular 8th grader hit by a train. abc7 news reporter nick smith joins us live at the accident scene. nick? >> this is a popular thoroughfare them. believe she may have misjudged the distance of the train when struck and kill bud we've watched people scum and leave flowers.
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>> i can't imagine. >> friends and family are dealing with the shocking loss of 14-year-old jenna betty. >> meant a lot to be able to come out and here and respect of sourts r sorts. >> jenna was shot and killed by a freight train a cording to investigators she ran back to pick up the cell phone. >> she's happy girl. that is all. don't deserve this. >> today, friends and family returned to the spot where she was killed. some walked along the tracks to leave flowers in a growing memorial. >> she's a good soccer player. >> news spread quickly, inspiring classmates to wear pink today to school. >> had every class she was in, there was a box you can write letters to her. and it was at her desk. >> they are hoping professional
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therapists can help these teenagers deal with the loss of one of their own. >> and developing news now, the united states is ramping up efforts to address growing tensions in ukraine. secretary of state kerry leaves tonight for kiev to meet with lead leaders from the government. the acting president says crew members are ready to defend ships after troops demanded surrender. >> the russian troops, so is the global effort to penalize russia. at dabbing bass door talked with us about this crisis. >> this when
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criticizing the actions >> michael mcfall just returned to stanford two days ago. he's in agreement with president obama that russia must pay a price for sending in troops to the crima region. >> this is just unacceptable. you can't just invade a country and annexed territory. it can't happen in 2014. he believes economic sanctions will put a chill on foreign investment. if if you're looking now, say up street here or in america, have you three
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australia you have a fourth one, the board is thinking this is too risky. >> people are starting to hi about shifting their outsourcing to other countries. >> nobody thinks there is going to be a war but risk is there as a business person, why should i take that risk? world leaders considerate sides vladimir putin, however, saying few may be aware of global reaction. pointing out russian media remains under kremlin control. >> and stocks had the biggest jop because of the rising tensions.
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the nasdaq closed down 30 points. s and p dropped 13. >> hackers have been attacking the popular web site meet and are demanding $300 to stop. the site has been down since thursday, displaying only this error message. meet up's ceo says sdpielt the fact the amount they're demanding is small he refuses to quote negotiate with criminals. meet up has been trying to counter the attack, sending people to etc. twitter pages. >> goodness >> san francisco supervisors are putting together legislation to deal with a big boom in e-regular kig receipts. >> yes. a lot of people are trying these things. michael? >> yes this, is ground breaking here. we're doing it here, first. supervisors taking up the challenge on how to regular yug yule yat e cigarettes. eric mar helping sponsor an ordinance he says will protect
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business asks individuals his proposal regulating the use and sale of the e cigarettes. experts say the widely held belief they are safe is wrong. >> it's true they aren't as polluting as conventional cigarette they do pollute the air. and you know, you can tell that your self without owning a mass specktrometer. you can smell them. >> researchers show they contain nicotine and cancer causing agents. the president will push a plan to up minimum wage. the president will meet with three northeastern governor who's fall back on the goal to raising the minimum wage.
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you may remember the governor signed an order mandating that wage. that signature raised the pay for hundreds of thousands of workers we sure gamble mer than we used to. are we getting better at it? reporting local casinos made less money in january than the year before. why? gamblers are winning more often. lake tahoe casinos kept 9%, last year, they kept 20.9%. >> or we've got lucky in january. >> i think they're going to end up winning in the long run. >> right. right. >> they're up. >> yes. >> like 5%. >> yes. >> we have a little bit of a chance. >> thank you. >> all right. a petition drive underway to get girls' basketball team at bishop
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o'dowd back on the court. the dragons after o'dowd played one more regular season game than allowed. organizers call the girls innocent buy standers. >> here we are in march getting the weather we needed in november. >> yes. it's wet on the roof, thus, the umbrella. there is a bit of rain developing now. you can see moisture moving into and intoñr southern
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there are more animation of rain. here is a live view looking at western sky, it's dark and cloudy. ain san francisco. 64 redwood city. 56 in napa. rain drops over the bay, we'll see periods of rain continuing during overnight hours. light rain and drizzle a break tuesday afternoon and wednesday. here is what is showing up on satellite image. a long trail of moisture
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reaching beyond hawaiian islands. let's begin at 7:00 this evening. rain continues moving eastward and spreading south ward so later in the day, rain tapers off here. by 5:00 we'll have rainfall totals not terribly impressive. only up to maybe 1 to 3 tenths of an inch. overnight, showers and low temperatures on the mild side. mainly into low to mid-50s so. >> i mild day tomorrow with ou
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clouds and showers, high temperatures upper 60s inland and ash around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. so another bout of rainfall, sunny, mild to warm. high temperatures inland into low 70s mid-60s on the coast. a slight chance of showers and set your clocks forward daylight savings time begins at 2:00 p.m sunday. >> thank you very much. >> we want to see your weather picture and video of the rain. >> yes. >> you can share them with us on abc7 news bay area. >> abc7 news has another great
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weather resource for you. plus get video forecasts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> and how soldiers came together to support a boy with cancer. >> why are not more apartment buildings equipped with sprinklers? we'll be right back here.
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solders uniting to show support for a little boy with a rare form of cancer. take a look at the little boy. his dad took him in for treatment. he has a rare form of bone cancer and sadly he needs to have his right leg amputated to slow down the disease dad is a national guard soldier this, morning members of the
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unit sat in solidarity. >> his dad fought iraq, afghanistan, never did he fathom he would be fighting a war here with, his son. >> jj's kindergarten class took this picture to show their support. they're all wearing team jj tee shirts. jj may survive only a few years because of the cancer. we wish him the best oochl we do. what a tough story. i had an honor of emceeking an event created to enrich and empower women. east bay womens conference is the only conference of its kind in the east bay. speakers included coky roberts and rita moreno, urging the audience to love as much as they can. and inspired them with a
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>> as long as there is a song to sing ♪ i will be younger than spring ♪ >> both talks were just fabulous. rita is 82 now, by the way this, is the ninth year for the event, it's sold out every year. another speaker spoke who survived a sex trade industry having been trafficed and now fights against it. she was remarkable. >> what a powerful day. >> it was great. >> and rita is an inspiration every time i see her. >> wonderful. >> we have more ahead. a look at the oscars >> what parts
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and the first thing that came to mind is, "can i afford to go to the hospital?"
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now that i've got covered california, i know that if something happens to me that i'm covered. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit and get covered today. coming up at 6:00, the abc7 news i team looks into the number of pedestrian deaths in san francisco. finding it's not always the driver's fault the state unemployment department deal was a massive benefit backlog. why did it take michael finney to get this man his money? >> everybody has favorite oscar moments >> well, tivo has its favorite moments. number one is jared leto. >> this is shown while the
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nominees are being presented. suggested she was a man in drag. >> that is mean. >> ellen offers bradley cooper scratcher tickets for not winning oscar for best supporting actor. >> oh, boy. >> we want to congratulate kevin c. >> we gave away tickets to celebrate the oscars and kevin won for liking us on facebook. >> thanks for joining us. i'm slarl jennings. >> see you again at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, final blast. the giant storm out with a bang. from the texas interstate, paralyzed by ice. to pittsburgh. drivers spinning on slippery roads. and the nation's capital, frozen. so, what is coming next? at the brink. vladimir putin, flexing his muscle in the face of a new warning from the white house. and our team is in the middle of the ukraine powder keg. "real money." families earning thousands of dollars by sharing their favorite belongings. >> how much do you think you've made this year? >> a lot. and the shining moments of the oscars. that selfie. that pizza guy. and the new star who stole the show.

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